Generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return through. . . 



TCG Int'l Corp. offers its patented ALL-IN-ONE next-generation building material & technology for PreCast/PreFab & Modular Houses for the Construction Industry worldwide.

Companies already recognized that they need to accelerate solutions to ensure they remain on the competitive vanguard. 

We can support you to achieve your sustainable goals faster with innovative, patented material technology. 

Partnering with TCG Int'l Corp brings together technology transfer, excellent business and technology strategies, product ideas, technology development and deployment to support customers through successful future transformations within the construction industry.

TCG Int'l Corp.

Building Technology Solutions

 Technology Transfer

Exploitation of Patent Rights


One of the most promising options in 

Modern Construction!


A unique 'ALL-IN-ONE' Material made of up to 

90% Recycling Material


PreCast/PreFab & Modular House Production, 

Thermal, Sound- & Fire-Proof Insulation

Seismic Proof Building Systems

LEED/TRESS, CO2 Certified…


‘Circular Economy, Closed-Loop Recycling & Cradle2Cr'

We Drive Forward Climate Protection!