T h e r m C o n  and Phosphogypsum (PG), an alliance promising a future!
Encouraging tests have demonstrated that the processing of phosphogypsum (PG) into valuable products meets economic and ecological needs.

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We are incredibly proud and happy to announce that the Government of Chile is funding a project of national and regional importance for our ThermConGroup Partner with a Grant Program for the 'Circular Economy. 

While creating more new jobs, applying CO₂-reducing and environmentally friendly TCG technology and explicitly addressing climate change. 

And in line with the Chilean government's principles for national projects to achieve tangible results for the disposal, recycling and meaningful reuse of EPS waste. 

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The smartest way to tackle the housing shortage worldwide.

Satellite PreCast/PreFab production unites for affordable housing made of up to 93% recycling Material.

TCG's latest pilot project for 

H I G H  R I S E  B U I L D I N G S


Fire - Heat - Cold - Sound Insulation with High-Impact Resistance 

According to clients and the performers, "There is simply no alternative and there is nothing better in the market",  

TCG plays a pioneering role in the meaningful and outstanding patented material design with 

Recycled Gypsum & EPS

Generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return through. . . 


The Heat is on - 2nd Phase upcoming... 

Improved over 'printing' …

The art of building is the art of constructing, and this is not only about shapes, forms and images.

Selecting the right building materials and systems has an enormous impact on the occupants, the building, and the environment.

Build easier, faster, more economical and more environmentally friendly?

T h e r m C o n

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