Make not only your home a better place to live, but the world as well.

Part of our vision at TCG Int'l Corp. is already a reality. Today, we can produce higher levels of thermal, seismic, fire and weather protection with our unique ALL-IN-ONE material in prefabricated building design and concept. 

At the same time, we are already quite close to our VISION and GOAL of saving up to 95% CO2 in new home construction. 

TCG Int'l Corp. is working to make this vision a reality by using mainly local materials and local manpower. Therefore, we create employment and social empowerment wherever we operate.

 At TCG Int'l Corp., we believe in safe, affordable and high-quality construction. This is a fundamental right and not a privilege for our customers. 

Similarly, people have the right to live and work within buildings which offer a secure & healthy environment, free of the risk of fire and static failure. 

 It is our experience and the stories of the many people we have met around the world, which motivates our team to keep pushing the boundaries of technology, simplicity, and quality. 

Our founding principles remain at the heart of what we do at TCG Int'l Corp.  

Think differently about building, think differently about people and deliver a final product that enhances people’s lives and re-builds communities around the world while reducing cost, waste and environmental impact. 

Together with our worldwide Partners, we would like to bring together the very best of an international mentality. Together, we could offer a unique blend of cultures and experience. 

TCG Int'l Corp. provides the only affordable “ALL-IN-ONE” solution in the open market today with environmental, thermal, acoustic, and fire qualities that meet and often exceeded specifications offered by other building materials.